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Every seller has its own reason when selling their property. Either launching a new project development, moving to a bigger newly-purchased home, relocation or experiencing a financial difficulty. Good or bad situation, HousePinoy is here to make sure your property is reaching the right buyer using the right marketing strategy.

One of the best initial ways to do is to expertly market the property to the buyers looking in your area. Along with our strong network of agents, powerful online campaign and growing lead database, we work hard to get to the bottomline of our service - sell your property fast and worry-free.

Add-on services:

We design, print and make marketing materials based on your specifications:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Tarpaulin
  • Giveaways (ballpens, memo pads, organizer/planner, mugs)


  • Land Registration (Title Transfer) - Sale / Donation / Exchange / Assignment
  • Tax Declaration Transfer
  • Land Segregation / Consolidation
  • BIR Taxes Filing / Payment 

    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Documentary Stamps Tax
    • Donors Tax
    • Estate Tax
  • Real Estate Tax (Amilyar) Payments
  • Request of Certified True Copies Title / Tax Declaration / Trace back Title
  • Cancellation of Sec 4, Rule 74 (outdated/exceeded effectivity)
  • Cancellation of Real Estate Mortgage
  • Removal of Outdated Restrictions
  • Bank Financing Assistance

We are accredited to major banks for your easy home acquisition. Ask us and we will connect you to a friendly loan officer who will inform and guide you of the process. 

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